The CTRM Oscar Ceremony (- Guest Blogger David Calmonson)

The events from the Dolby Theatre the other day got me thinking about an Oscar ceremony for CTRM software vendors. I first heard the word Dolby when I was a teenager and bought my first ‘tape deck and amp’. It had Dolby sound and a switch to select that mode. I could never see the point of not selecting it actually. It sounded a bit ‘tinny’ – I should have had my digital storage oscilloscope to hand to optimise my woofers. Still, Black Dog and Sweet Child in Time sounded OK, so I should care. So how would this work? I guess picking a venue is a good as place to start as any. Should it be at a client’s site, or would that give away the winner? Mind you, I know of several large organisations that seemed to have every single CTRM software on the planet – maybe we could pick one of those? How about at a systems integrator / CTRM consultancy outfit? Maybe not – the audience may be worried the ceremony would last 4 years (although it was only supposed to last 90 minutes)…… Well I suppose the old favourite – a hotel. But which one?
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