The Desk is Back!

I’ve been a follower of John Sodergreen’s publications for years.  Under the banner of Scudder Publishing, his market reports, including The Desk (which launched in 1998), were always chock-full of solid market information and analysis that touched on almost all aspects of the energy markets including natural gas storage, gas and power trading, risk, regulatory policies and ETRM technology.  In addition to producing informative publications, he and his writers/contributors weren’t above including a bit of snark at times as well, a style of writing that I particularly enjoy reading. However, as the markets were being pounded with the fallout of the 2008 financial crisis, he realigned the publications that year to focus primarily on the critical issues of the time – emerging regulations, risk policy and natural gas price formation – by combining his three legacy publications, The Desk, The Risk Desk and New Power Executive into two, Energy Metro Desk and Tealeaves.  With the departure of The Desk, his coverage of ETRM technology took a bit of a back seat. Now that the regulatory changes under Dodd-Frank are almost fully baked and the energy markets here are undergoing a significant transformation (think renewable energy, LNG exports, improving prices, etc),
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