The Hedge Funds Are Back…..

According to a Bloomberg story, hedge funds in commodities are back and making money. My interest in hedge funds commenced back around 19-years ago when Peter Fusaro and I started investigating commodity funds. We ended up writing the book Energy & Environmental Hedge Funds – The New Investment Paradigm (Wiley, 2006) as well as working with a fund of funds to put together a commodities fund of funds. It was actually a great deal of fun! Then residing in Houston, my trips to London and Switzerland to meet fund managers opened my eyes to a different side of the business of commodities and to a different lifestyle too. I recall staying the the Conservative club in the City, meeting the MP for my hometown accidentally there and waking to breakfast on a tray and freshly shined shoes from a bone fide butler! However, what I also learned was that despite all their hype, most of the funds and managers were not so much financial whizz kids as fairly ordinary but well-connected people running a variety of long only strategies. For a while, we did brisk business selling subscriptions to a directory of funds but then when the bull market in… continue reading

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