The Market for CTRM Products and Services declined by a more than 7% in 2016

ComTech is currently finalizing our 2017 CTRM Market Trends and Outlook Report, our annual review of market developments, including a detailed look at the size of the global CTRM markets.  While the final report should be available within the next two weeks, we thought we would provide an early preview related to the results of 2016. Though many commodity prices did improve in late 2016, most of the year experienced the continuation of falling prices that first took hold in mid-year 2014.  And, unfortunately, many the underlying market conditions that led to that price collapse (over-built and over-supplied markets, low global economic growth, changing supply and demand patterns) continued throughout the year as well, resulting in a spending slump across almost all categories of technologies in the global commodities markets.  Though pockets of slightly improved activity were seen in 2016 (driven largely by regional market developments), overall the market for CTRM products and related services in 2016 totaled $1.47B, a decline of about 7% versus 2015 ($1.59B).  These results are a continuation of the downward trend first noted in 2015 when total market value that year declined by about 2% from the previous year. There is, however, somewhat of a
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The Market for CTRM Products and Services declined by a more than 7% in 2016. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.