The Perfect Storm – Opinion

As an CTRM market analyst, I must stay on top of the news every day, reviewing and analyzing developments that impact the commodity trading sector and the buyers of technologies that support those trading activities.  Prior to the last few months, there was a bit of cognitive dissidence in this exercise…rarely did market developments impact me personally (outside of the pandemic of course).  Even as the “energy revolution” emerged and continued full throttle, I could assume that the forces pushing an ill-conceived total and rapid de-carbonization of energy production would start to wane as the reality of the imbalances that were being created would cause more rational voices and strategies to move to the forefront.  Unfortunately, the rational voices have been largely snuffed out and today I sit at my desk reviewing the news and I can’t help but feel that I am watching the slow but inevitable collapse of everything around me. Inflation is running rampant.  Here in Czechia it is 17.5% – one of the highest in the EU. The EU inflation rate is now officially 9.1% in August and rising. The Euro is in the tank and continues to weaken (I am glad we still have the… continue reading

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