The Periodic Analyst Vent Blog Article

Every now and then, I have to blow off a bit of steam. I am after all only human. As you might have read, I am trying to find out more of the lay of the land here in central & eastern Europe around ETRM solutions. There are actually 5 or 6 local vendors that say they offer such solutions and have installed bases in the region. Now, maybe I am naive, but you would think that if ComTech call a vendor or send an email, someone would be interested in responding? After all, we only recommend to solutions to end users, disseminate information about vendors to the market and provide one of the best channels to market in the form of this website right? It doesn’t cost anything but time to speak with us, give us a briefing or a quick demonstration and there almost certainly will be a blog article following that may actually drive some inbound inquiries….. you would think. But not here. Not in this part of the world. Nope. Before you think I am just full of my own self importance in being miffed about this let me add another dimension. What if I were
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