The Rise of the Middle East

In a number of briefings with vendors and others recently, the middle east has come up as a topic for discussion. It seems this region has grown sharply in terms of CTRM demand and sales and is set to continue to grow. In fact, when we issue our updated CTRM market sizing in the coming weeks, it will have posted some serious gains in terms of market share for CTRM revenues last year and into the future. So what is driving this growth spurt? Recently, an article over at got into some of the reasons. We have a few ideas on other reasons. All of them are essentially a reaction to western politics and market interference. Something we have been suggesting would be a factor and it now seems others see it too. Essentially, we have a couple of big issues in play; The Russia-Ukraine war and the sanctions on Russian oil, Net zero, ESG and climate politics devised by the west and being implemented in the west by politicians and activist investors. Other similar geopolitical issues like Iranian Oil and so on… A couple of years ago, Amphora did a survey of national oil companies and discovered that… continue reading

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