This August is Different

It is about the time that I usually write the purposeful Europe is on vacation post for my US colleagues. Having lived both sides of the pond, I much prefer the European habit of taking almost all of August off and hitting the beach en masse somewhere on the med coast. Usually, by now, I’d be sitting here working on catch up and housekeeping items with barely no email or phone calls. The world, at least here, would be sunning itself. But – this is 2020. The year of COVID-19, all sorts of weirdness and I’m fully expecting the alien invasion in Q4! So, although Europe is sweltering in the August heat, most people are actually still around and some are even….working! Me? I’m hard at work on presentations, the vendor perception study, client work and more. Outside it is over 30C and with no AC, its a tad sticky. The housekeeping stuff will have to wait. I am far too busy for that. In fact, we have been busy all year and without respite it seems. What about you? Did you manage a break this year?      

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