Thoughts on the Impacts of BREXIT by David Calmonson

I was never inclined to write a blog on Brexit, but in a very short missive from Gary the other day, when I said I owed him a blog, ‘Brexit?’ was the one-word response! There’s about a year to go before the UK leaves the European Union. We have made some excellent progress in our negotiations…. that’s what comes of having a strong and stable government. Of course, if we (the great British public) had the other lot in power, we could form a new Soviet Union, although we would probably be a bit left wing for Russia. Am I reading the right website, I hear you ask? What on earth has all this got to do with CTRM? Actually, more than you may at first think. For example, we know the question of the Irish border is one that is a real Brexit challenge. Of course, this will affect how the SEM operates in the future. This in itself will presumably provide some issues for the ETRM systems that are handling Irish electricity products.  But what impact will it have on pan-European ETRM configuration as a whole, not to mention cross border trading and scheduling? With regards to scheduling,… continue reading
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