Three CTRM Software Puzzles

Sometimes things bother me a lot and I just have to fathom them out. Here are three conundrums that bother me at the moment in terms of the CTRM Software Industry. It’s firmly tongue – in-cheek so please don’t take me too literally……….i.e please, no nastygrams!       1 It’s all about awards? We get a lot of press announcements as you might expect but over the last few years there has been a spectacular increase in announcements about awards. Now, I have been a VP Marketing for a software firm in the space many Moons ago and I was always keen to get the brand out there especially if it was good news. Back in the late 1990’s, I would have considered an award good news I guess. Of course, now I’m an analyst and we do the Vendor Perception study every couple of years – something we have resisted turning into yet another award at least so far … though we are considering promoting it via some ‘badges’ that vendors could use to tout how well they may have shown up in said study…… When there were one or two awards for vendors, it was sort of… continue reading
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