Three Reasons Buyers are Spoiled for CTRM Choice

Buyers of CTRM software have more choice than ever in todays vibrant market despite the M&A activity. Here are three reasons why. The cloud and SaaS is finally with us in CTRM. ComTech and its predecessor undertook research into CTRM in the Cloud a few years ago and discovered that many in commodities were simply not ready.  An 80% majority preferred a typical on premises installation primarily because they want their data to be secure and that meant residing in a database under lock and key in their office. As the cloud and SaaS took off in other industries and application areas however, those attitudes have changed to the point where cloud and SaaS are now sought after. With this shift in attitude has come the realization that to truly take advantage of the benefits of cloud, the CTRM software needs to be cloud-native. As cloud technologies have emerged and matured so too have things like rapid application development approaches, changes in licensing and support options and in technologies across the board. Rapid shifts in technology always help to reduce the barrier to entry into a software market and the CTRM software market has proven no different. As cloud emerged,… continue reading
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