Three Trends In European ETRM

As we enter Q2 of 2017, three things seem to be apparent to me at any rate. They are as follows; Deals Are Smaller While I am hearing almost across the board that activity levels have picked up considerably, I think the average deal size is smaller. Higher costs and lower profits have meant a knuckling down and only recently has there been a slight relaxing of that as the pressures to procure have built up. With a smaller top and middle tier, many of those kicking tires are greenfield start ups or those moving from spreadsheets and homegrown ad hoc solutions as they come under increased scrutiny from stakeholders and regulators. Cloud solutions with lower entry costs and recurring all-inclusive fees are attractive to these buyers. There are middle and top tier buyers too, but they are also under cost pressures and are more likely to tinker with areas of functionality (module sales) rather than wholesale replacements. The few larger replacements we see tend to be of aging solutions that have been essentially abandoned by vendors. So, while the market is heating up, the initial projects are smaller and less lucrative than in the past. Hopefully, this is simply
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