Topaz Technology’s Risk and Analytics Solution

The CTRM landscape remains one that is quite crowded with over 100 vendors and products on the market. Of course, at any one point in time, just a handful of names dominate, and these may be the only vendors known by many in the market who are looking to procure a CTRM or related solution. That is where ComTech can provide a service. We can help ensure that any firm looking at the CTRM/CM marketplace software understands the choices and options available to them. Anyone looking at their options can utilize our free online directory, CTRM Sourcebook, or indeed the hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, and papers freely available to all on CTRMCenter. We have recently become aware of a host of newer entrants into the market and have added them to the online directory and, in some instances, written articles about them. One of those is Topaz Technology, and a couple of weeks ago, we had a demonstration of its software. We came away from the demo thinking that Topaz, as currently configured, is more of an advanced risk analytics platform by our definitions and indeed features far more sophisticated risk analytics than the average CTRM. Topaz is a… continue reading

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