Trade Data Integration – Is it an Issue?

A lot of the research we have done over the years continues to suggest that managing trading and risk management activities and data can be a struggle. Many firms utilize more than one CTRM or ETRM finding they need something different for a different commodity or geography, almost all are still using Excel for all kinds of analysis and data collecting requirements, many will have multiple systems that are all required to ‘sing in unison’ but are poorly integrated and instead sound like the ‘cats chorus’. These days, of course, deploying new technologies like the cloud and automation has required firms to step back a bit and look at their data and data management in general. Pointless trying to build a comprehensive solution if you don’t have a handle on the data. We saw a period when a lot of ETRM/CTRM projects were being put on hold to look at the data landscape and data architecture. Data is the lifeblood of a trading company. So we have decided to do a bit more research into how well trade data is integrated in trading firms? What are the barriers to and the benefits of solving the data and application problem? To… continue reading
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