TRADESPARENT Spreads Its Wings

A week or so ago, I spoke with Ricardo Rosa of TRADESPARENT to get an update on the company and a read on how he saw the market. TRADESPARENT is an integrated data and analytics software solution with its roots in commodity trading and processing Industry. It is designed to easily adapt to any existing data environment, collecting and harmonizing all internal and external data points such as finance and CTRM systems data and excel spreadsheets into a single source of the truth Data Repository across the organization’s entire business. It offers a number of overlays for risk analytics, regulatory compliance, positions & performance, and dynamic margin management. So far, it has been successful in the Ags, food products and energy arena. It has apparently just opened new offices in the USA and is planning to expand further into southern Europe, the Middle East and Asian regions where it already has a growing presence. It has also added 5 new employees, he told me, having won a large multinational customer recently with 5 more new customers expected in the next 2/3 months. The company has been investing in its software too and recently it has been working on improving its stress testing model, he explained. The… continue reading
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