Trains, Taxis and Dislocation Events

I spent the first part of this week at the SAP Commodity Management Forum in Heidelberg – of which – more next week. There were around 80 people attending and I was pleasantly surprised to find that group included a lot of old friends and colleagues. I was also quite honestly blown away by the number of attendees who told me how they visited this site and how useful they found it. Always good to know that this site is widely read and well thought of in the industry. Traveling from Brno where I live is always a bit of a challenge. There is an airport. However, there are few flights. One faces a choice of going to Prague or Vienna to catch a plane almost anywhere except London Stansted. I gave the whole argument a miss and took the train – three of them actually – to Heidelberg. The connections were pretty tight too but all went well and according to schedule until…. arriving in the Czech Republic finally on the way home we stopped at Breclav. It’s only 50km from Brno and my arrival at 00:50 seemed guaranteed to be on time. However…… The train to Warsaw that
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