Trends in Commodity Risk Management Technologies

Our new mini report on trends in risk management technologies has been released and can now be downloaded here. This research was kindly sponsored by Amphora, Commodities People and Nasdaq Risk Platform. Commodity trading is fraught with various types of risk. In recent years, the number of types of risks that businesses that trade, procure, consume, or use commodities are exposed to have increased in both intensity and breadth. In the current environment of commodity shortages, geopolitical conflict, increasing environmental regulation and continuing covid impacts, risks of all types must now be constantly measured, valued, and ameliorated where possible. Where once price or market risk was the almost sole focus for commodity firms, a plethora of emerging risk now must also be front and center for these companies, including credit, regulatory, legal, political, operational, liquidity and multiple other forms of risk. Examples of these increasing risks include both technology trends and global market developments: / The increasing migration of software and/or services in the cloud has introduced and/or increased a whole series of other risks around IT, application, and infrastructure security.  / Fraudulent trading activities have also been in the news in recent months and years, requiring additional surveillance and… continue reading

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