Trilogy Effective Software Solutions continues moving forward

As we noted in this blog, the co-founder and CEO of Trilogy Effective Software Solutions (Trilogy) and longtime industry veteran, Dick Couron, passed away suddenly several weeks ago. In light of his passing, we recently reached out to Jeremy Frye, president of the company to get an update on the company’s plans. Though clearly Dick’s death was loss for those that knew him and the company that he co-founded with Jeremy about seven years ago, Jeremy did note that in recent years, Dick has been semi-retired and not actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.  As such, he is confident that the business will continue as it has for years, with no noticeable changes for their customers or any change in their business strategy, particularly as Trilogy’s corporate direction has, for many years, been a cooperative effort of both leaders. Regarding that strategy, about a year and half ago the company began to focus additional effort on the mid-tier/mid-stream markets in the North American oil, gas and NGL space and they have found good success.  Now with more than 20 customers, including producers, plant operators, processors, first purchasers, and mid-tier marketers, Jeremy notes the company’s sales funnel is… continue reading
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