Trips to Germany

This week, I headed back to Germany – Heidelberg and Walldorf specifically – again to speak and participate in SAP’s Commodity Management Forum. I had been to Essen just a couple of weeks previously for E-World. Living in Brno, I find it a bit difficult to get to places like Essen and Heidelberg honestly. I have to drive to Prague or Vienna and then fly to Dusseldorf or Frankfurt and then train to the final destination. When all said and done, about 8 to 10 hours of travel and wait time. So, I thought I would do it differently and I took the overnight sleeper to E-World and drove to SAP! More of that later.   I was the first speaker at SAP setting the scene for the one and a half day session. The topic of my presentation was essentially the vast and accelerating changes we are experiencing across the commodities space. It seemed to go down well. This was the 5th SAP Commodities Management meeting I had attended out of six all told and each time, it has grown. This year was no exception with over 100 people attending. Many from SAP customers. SAP Commodity Management is doing… continue reading
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