Two More CTRM vendors You May Never Have Heard of

Let’s push on with a look at some of the other vendors in the space….. Tigernix are a software vendor based in Singapore that offer an ETRM solution. They also have offices in Indonesia and Australia.  Marketing a broad range of software solutions, the Tigernix ETRM supports power, coal, natural gas, hydrocarbon liquids and more, according to its website. The software includes many of the features needed like real-time market price integration, business process automation, hedging management, risk management and credit risk. It also features a module for traders with paper and derivatives coverage and another for the supply side in the petroleum products  side of the business. Ringhel in Romania is another ETRM supplier you might never of heard of. Founded in 2014, the company provides “B2B software solutions that enhance enterprise agility for the power and gas companies,” according to its website. It provides a range of software solutions in power and natural gas under the GeFEE product brand that includes trading, asset management, gas supply, balancing and more. Its website also features a large list of customers including some household names like EOn, Lukoil and RWE, for example. Ringhel recently concluded two contracts with Serbian utilities, expanding… continue reading
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