Many CTRM vendors have tried to create what we often refer to as the ‘all singing, all dancing’ CTRM solution. Their goal is to create that single CTRM solution that can cater for and meet the requirement of all commodities, both physical and financial, and also meet the needs for all industry segments in energy, metals and soft / agri commodities. However, after more than two decades and numerous attempts to get there, it is probably safe to say that most have failed to develop and bring to market a truly all singing, all dancing CTRM solution. However, new technologies and architectures make this vision ostensibly achievable through the use of an ecosystem of functionally deep vertical and wide horizontal services or applications. This white paper examines the idea of a single CTRM solution for all commodities and contrasts that with a different approach that some vendors are now pursuing in trying to develop commodity specific CTRMs that offer deep vertical and supply chain functionality. To download your free copy of this new ComTech white paper, please visit the publications page.
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