Agiboo Aims To Disrupt CTRM Software Markets

Last week, Agiboo unveiled its new Agiblocks by subscription strategy. The concept is actually simplicity itself in that users can sign up for various levels of service on the web and for a simple, all-inclusive monthly fee. The entry price is just 179Eur/month/user for its standard offer. There are several variants in terms of the range of functionality on offer all the way up to the Premium version at Eur479/month/user. The company aims to disrupt the CTRM software market with its traditional long and expensive procurement and selection process, costly implementation and support model. In the complex world of commodity trading and risk management, where typically an off-the-shelf solution is at best an 80% fit to requirements, how could such a model actually work? Well, the secret sauce to Agiboo’s approach is actually made up of several approaches that stack up to a very innovative and intriguing offer; 1. The solution is a pre-configured ‘industry-standard’ solution for specific commodities – coffee, sugar and cocoa – that already includes all of the specific nuances of these commodities in terms of functionality and configuration and every user gets the same set-up. Implementation is essentially eliminated, 2. The pricing model is clear, transparent

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