Brady Acquires Energy Credit

I spoke this afternoon to a very upbeat Gavin Lavelle, CEO at Brady PLC, on the back of today’s announcement that it had acquired energy credit from Temenos. Apparently, Brady experienced a flurry of successful E/CTRM software deal closings in the late fourth quarter of 2015 in addition to the acquisition of energy credit. Energy Credit is an enterprise-wide credit risk solution that was one of two original credit-focused companies in the energy trading sector. It has a strong client base that includes many big names in the industry such as Anardako Petroleum, Calpine, Chevron, Enel, Hydro, Shell, RWE and StatOil amongst others. As a company operating in the commodity TRM space, our feeling was that it didn’t quite fit with Temenos’ more financial trading and banking market. Brady on the other hand, serves that market with a range of E/CTRM and other solutions yet had no significant functionality around credit risk management. For that reason, ComTech sees this as a good acquisition for both Brady and Energy Credit as Brady can undoubtedly upsell the solution – to be known forthwith as Brady Credit – into the energy and commodities TRM space. Mr. Lavelle said that he had been impressed

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