Catching up with FIS Energy’s Markus Seiser

Last week at FIS’s Customer Summit in Orlando, I had the opportunity to sit and visit with Dr. Markus Seiser, head of the FIS Energy group. In a quick update on the acquisition and integration of SunGard into the FIS organization, he noted that the transition has gone well and he’s very pleased with the progress that the new FIS Energy group has made to date, noting that “with the acquisition of SunGard by FIS, the combination of these two very strong organizations has significantly accelerated our ability to bring new, innovative products to market.” In terms of news, Dr. Seiser notes that FIS will soon formally announce a new partnership with MCG Energy Solutions to embed FIS’s Aligne risk management component within MCG’s web-delivered power scheduling and asset management solution – Integrated Asset Manager (IAM).  According to Dr. Seiser, MCG has had very good success selling their IAM product to the muni, IOU and power trading markets; however, faced with ever-increasing commercial and regulatory challenges, many of those customers are now looking for more sophisticated risk management capabilities, such as those offered by Aligne. With the Aligne risk component fully integrated into IAM, essentially “Aligne Inside”, MCG’s customers will

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