Catching Up With Generation 10

I had an interesting conversation with Richard Williamson and Andrew Dalby of Generation10 last week. Lots going on, they said, through organic growth with new deals, new hires and a new office in London. Their new business is coming from ags and softs, with some new features rolling out for the Specialty Coffee market, as well as with their data management and analytics platform, D3 Analytics. In terms of current market activity, they described the interest levels in CTRM or management/” title=”View all articles about Commodity Management here”>Commodity Management in the softs space as “warming up”, particularly among physical trading firms where the see traceability, operational risk and performance as key drivers. “Customers are spending their money carefully and are looking to move to solutions that fit their business processes,” Mr. Dalby, who has a power and gas data management background, told me. “G10’s front-end workflow automation and business logic engine has been fundamental to our success and has proven to be a major differentiator for us. Buyers want to find the right solution for their business and all of its nuances.” As an example, Mr. Dalby pointed to a scenario in which bulk grains in chartered vessels, green coffee shipped in containers alongside multiple spot orders

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