Consolidating Risk

A consolidated view of risk position across a global, multi-commodity trading business is something like the Holy Grail for many that rely on a patchwork quilt of different CTRM systems – commercial and internal, and even spreadsheets, in some parts of the business. As trading companies, merchants and buyers and sellers of various commodities have grown rapidly in recent years, many have direct bitter experience of this issue. As they added new CTRM platforms in different regions of the business or for different commodities, gaining that high-level, executive level view of position and having it management’s fingertips, has become harder and harder. This was the basis behind the formation of TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions, according to Vincent van Os, Sales & Marketing Director for the company. “Many companies struggle with multiple systems, incomplete integration, vast volumes of transaction data and the almost impossible task of pulling all the key data together into a coherent and up to date view of position and risk,” he told us. “TRADESPARENT determined that a platform was required that gathers data without human intervention from the disparate systems globally, links it to current market prices, makes mark to market calculations and performs the required analysis.”

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