G10 Set to Double Up On Staff

I spoke to Richard Williamson a couple of weeks ago to find out how things were going at G10. He told us that the company had ‘won a few deals’ and was looking at a very healthy pipeline. So much so, that they are seeking to double their staff by the end of 2015 as they move into delivery phase on a number of projects. Indeed, a number of vacancies are referenced on the G10 website including Business Analysts, developers and project managers. Unfortunately and all too commonly, Mr. Williamson couldn’t name the companies they had added to their roster of users however he did tell us that one major company had been implemented for one division in 90-days including migration and integration. G10 is now expanding the product across several other divisions of that client. Interestingly, Mr. Williamson also told us that the company was targeting metals as well as its traditional Ags and softs space and that it had several opportunities as a result. The G10 CTRM allows new commodities to be added seamlessly including identification of quality and other characteristics of the commodity that are used in pricing, for example, without any hard coding. The company is … continue reading

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