GlobalView – Raising the bar in the data market

The energy data provision and management markets are very competitive. Having observed the market over the last several years, we’ve noticed that many of the vendors have struggled to differentiate themselves (as most provide very similar data sets and market coverage) and usually end up competing on price. This battle has been going on for several years now, with former market leaders being over taken by smaller more nimble vendors who, by virtue of a lower cost structure, can bring their services to market at a lower price per user. With this as a backdrop, we had the opportunity earlier this week to catch-up with GlobalView, the US headquartered – but as their name implies – global provider to data and data management solutions. We spoke with Robert King, their Sr. Director of Business and Strategic Development and Tom Mallon, Vice President of Strategy & Alliances, to get a view of their latest product offerings and hear their take on the status of the data markets. According to Robert and Tom, GlobalView has been heavily focused on improving their technology and functional capabilities; and in the process, creating the product differentiation that has been difficult for many companies to achieve … continue reading

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