Paragon Energy Software – a new name and new product

I had the opportunity to visit with Paragon Energy Software a couple of weeks ago to catch-up on the latest developments in the energy credit space and find out what this relatively small but active company has been up to lately. In fact their name, Paragon Energy Software is itself new, as they have recently rebranded from Paragon Consulting.  The name change reflects their evolution from being a consulting organization that provided custom support for other vendors’ ETRM solutions and, overtime, had developed a market leading energy credit risk product – to now being a full-blown software company that now provides a newly launched ETRM solution in addition to their credit risk product (now called Paragon Credit Solution). Their newest product, Paragon ETRM, has been developed in conjunction with a small number of customers to initially provide a raft of capabilities for natural gas traders from front to back office. The system, designed around an easy to use and customizable grid frontend, is fully integrated with Tableau, providing a rich set of data visualization and analytics tools.  According to the company’s president, Kevin Gerold, Paragon is currently working with their clients in the build-out of additional capabilities in oil and

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