Quorum – Building Momentum in 2015

I met-up with Mike Muse, VP of energy marketing solutions at Quorum this afternoon to get an update on the company’s efforts in the E/CTRM space since the acquisition of Woodlands Solutions a little over a year ago. According to Mr. Muse, after spending much of last year focused on technical development and business strategy, the combined organization and new product are really beginning to hit a stride.  Since the beginning of this year, Quorum has closed four new deals (an average of more than 1 a month), including two producer/marketers, an energy retailer and a large energy end-user. On the development front, he notes that rather than simply tying together or interfacing the three different products which were under the Quorum umbrella post-acquisition, they have been working to bring those three down into a single code base.  To date, the product that was previously known as Quorum Gas Marketing (QGM) and the acquired Woodlands Phoenix solution are now a singular product, Quorum Energy Marketing Suite (QEMS), as opposed to a solution comprised of interfaced components.  He indicated that they have also made progress in bringing Quorum Liquids Marketing (QLM) into the same code base and anticipate completion of the … continue reading

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