Sourcebook and Directory Reminder!!

I thought I would post another reminder today that listings for the new Sourcebook should be received by Patrick or I no later than May 31st. They have started to trickle in but this is not something we would recommend any CTRM software vendor missed as the Sourcebook will be the definitive guide to solutions in the industry. Also note that while it is FREE to submit the listing, we would very much appreciate listers placing an ad in the book to. The cost is reasonable and it helps us cover the not inconsiderable costs of its production. Finally, while thinking about listings for vendors, it reminded me that vendors and service providers should also look at their listings on the site directory. Let us know if you would like to update anything in the listing please. The online directory is the second highest hit page on this website after the home page so it is important that your details are up to date. Just today, I found a CTRM vendor who had change their URL and updated it in the directory. Many Thanks,

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