TRADESPARENT Make Significant Enhancements For Next Release

Last week, TRADESPARENT Risk Management Solutions were kind enough to give me a look at some new functionality due in the next release in the coming few days. The TRADESPARENT solution is aimed squarely at the Ags and Softs commodity space where users have multiple trading systems and spreadsheets and so on and need a consolidated view of risk. The software product supports analyzing commodity related risk, margins and performance extracting data from users existing transactional and accounting systems. Reports are then generated based on both a historical and forward basis to provide traders and management with up-to-date information around commodity market risk. TRADESPARENT works with two predefined and flexible models; one for trading and one for processing companies. The first part of the demonstration focused on the new dashboard capabilities. Users can now create their own homepages to support their personal preferences using a whole bunch of widgets and tools just like you might set up your phone. They showed us widgets for things like historical and current positions, mark to market development, market prices, trade P&L, VaR and limit positions. Highly flexible and personizable, the widgets can quickly and easily present a user with a comprehensive view on … continue reading

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