Updating the Evolution of the Vendor Landscape

I always find this chart useful in visualizing the M&A activity in the CTRM vendor space over the last 13 years. (click to enlarge the image)               With the SunGard’s recent purchase of Energeya, and with Allegro now entering the consolidation fray with their acquisition of Just Commodity, we may be starting to see deals flow again after a somewhat quiet 18 to 24 months.  While there is clearly a bit of slump continuing in the market for new systems given low commodities prices (though somewhat offset by higher volatilities) and regulatory uncertainty, a few of the midsized and larger vendors do report they are continuing to close a fair amount of new business.   Its this group that may be best positioned to find some bargains amongst the other vendors that occupy various niches of this very broad landscape and who may not be doing quite as well.  These smaller or struggling companies could have some technology (and a client base) that could prove useful for a vendor seeking to accelerate their growth. That being said, while we wouldn’t be surprised to see an additional acquisition by the end of the year, until … continue reading

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