Visiting with InstaNext

I had a briefing this week with InstaNext, a US-based provider of tech solutions for companies that trade, procure, produce or transform commodities. The company, in business about 3 years, has grown relatively quickly and includes in among their client roster a number of oil and gas producers, CPG’s, food service companies, and protein producers. According to Marc Zabal, the company’s VP of product development, the company was founded by his father, Elie Zabal. This name may be familiar to our readers as Mr. Zabal was also the founder and CEO of INNSINC, a software company that specialized in risk and hedge management. INNSINC was acquired by Triple Point in 2008 and Mr. Zabal left that company in 2012. After the acquisition of the company by ION, he was increasingly approached by former INNSINC clients who encouraged him to return to the market with a new product due to the continual downsizing of Triple Point and the perception by those clients that support for a number of their products, including the INNSINC solution, had eroded as a result. Now, after three years in business, InstaNext has successfully built-out a number of capabilities in their cloud-based solution set that focus on

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