Visiting with Logaviv

Paris-based Logaviv has been in business over 20-years and got its start developing software for commodity brokerage management for a physical broker client. In 1994, when the exchange opened in Paris, the company also began to develop market data and risk management services and also built a software product for the sales and trading of commodities. I spoke recently with Mr. Clement Chretien of Logaviv to learn a bit more about the company. Today, the company still focuses on the commodity business, mainly on the ags and softs side of the business though not exclusively. It had grown to be about 50 staff serving around 300 clients across Europe and North Africa though its core market remains France. It has recently unveiled a new website in both French and English. Logaviv has essentially three lines of business. The first is a market data solution that provides real-time market information and prices, the second is a portfolio and risk management solution and the third is in the development of specific internal or external trading platforms for smaller traders. Each is about 1/3rd of its revenues. WPRIOP is the name of the portfolio and risk management software product and it allows traders … continue reading

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