VuePoint Update

Vuepoint Solutions has been quietly growing a business focusing on UK and European energy – in particular, the retail side of that business, for several years. It offers a couple of main products – Market VuePoint and Energy Risk VuePoint. The Market VuePoint product provides access to real-time and historical energy data and is available hosted in the cloud. Energy Risk VuePoint (ERV) is an ETRM solution that allows users to view energy exposure, manage risk and optimize positions. The product comes in flavors designed to deliver tailored functionality specific to users needs and enables seamless integration from supplier to Third Party Intermediaries (TPI)/Consultant to End User ensuring that all parties have access to the same data. For Suppliers, ERV is also a customer portal that allows End User to enter and submit trades directly to their account managers for approval. These can be automated or submitted through an approvals process and passed to external systems for Straight Through Processing (STP). The ERV is a hosted in the cloud service. A week or so ago, VuePoint announced that it had acquired Energy Alert on an undisclosed basis and so I talked with Richard Paterson, Business Development at VuePoint, to get

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