Vendor Perception Survey – Buyers No Longer Value ‘Supplied by a Top Vendor’

I am still busy doing the analysis and writing up the Vendor Perception Report. We hope to issue it late next month and it will be a beast of a report. We had a record response and so we have been able to dissect it in ways we have never been able to in the past.  Well, one thing already seems quite clear and that is that buying criteria seem to have seen some changes. While not wanting to give all the details, the idea of getting your solution from a top vendor is one buying criteria that we tested. You know the old argument well, it goes like this – “You can’t get fired for selecting xxxx” where xxx is the big vendor with the big brand name. In the last VPS report, this buying criteria was already ranked quite low – third from last in fact among the tested criteria – but above risk analytics and regulatory requirements. However, around 66% felt that buying from a top vendor was an important or even critical, buying criteria. Roll the clock forward two years and something has changed. Not only is this buying criteria rock bottom in all three geographies… continue reading

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