Vendor Perceptions

Every two years we conduct our Vendor Perception study and produce our report on how vendors and their products are perceived in the market. This year, we will do an update to our last report available here. Of course, lots has happened in those two years in terms of M&A with names like Allegro, Aspect, OpenLink now having Ion in front of them. We will see how strong that Ion brand is as it usually takes quite a while for people to stop using older names and brands. Those aren’t the only acquisitions – there have been a number of others. There are also quite a lot of new entrants – mainly cloud native solutions. So, we will gain some trailing intelligence on brand awareness and leadership perceptions from the study. We use a short survey tool to gain this intelligence. This year, we are using a new tool so if anyone has an issue using it, please shout so we can fix it. Please share it with colleagues and ask them to spend the few minutes to answer the questions please. The more responses – the better. To give us your opinions, please do go to the questions and… continue reading
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