Vendor Perceptions – All Change or Brand Awareness Consolidation?

Back in 2018, the vendor perceptions study results showed that most people in the industry knew of Ion OpenLink and Allegro (at around 60% each). The top 5 best known vendors included Brady, Ion TriplePoint and FIS in addition to those two. Today, OLF and Allegro are now both owned by Ion so will Ion be the best known E/CTRM vendor in the space? Has the market started to associate the Allegro brand with Ion after its acquisition? We calculated that 80% had heard of Ion back in 2018 after its acquisitions of TriplePoint, OLF and Aspect, it ought to be stronger with the addition of Allegro? Ion OLF was viewed as the market leader with Allegro challenging for overall perceived E/CTRM market leader. Will that still be the case? In metals, Brady was the perceived as the leader while in ags & softs, Eka held that honor. In energy, it was Ion Openlink except in natural gas where Allegro had strength. How will this look in 2020? Well, it is highly likely that there will be some significant changes this time around even though the vendor perception study is a look back in time as opposed to a look… continue reading
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