Ventriks – A New Connected Data Platform

On Monday, I spoke with Richard Quigley about his new venture – Ventriks. Richard is boot strapping the initiative and will be targeting the data management space in energy and beyond into other asset classes. He describes Ventriks as a ‘connected data platform’ and suggests that it will be a “cloud-native platform that enables any user to work and collaborate with any data, unbounded by scale, performance and flexibility.” He walked me through some of the principles behind the solution that he hopes to have in beta early next year. The solution will have four key elements, he told me including a digital marketplace, data integration, data management and intelligent analytics. “The cloud-based data marketplace will have between 1000-1500 data sources available by the time we get to beta launch,” he said. “It will also feature dynamic cataloging so that users can select and link to their own internal data sources as well and utilize that in any analysis.” The intelligent analytics component will feature ML and natural language processing and allow the building and deployment of the user’s own models he told me. “An important aspect of the whole offer will be collaboration,” he said. “The ability to share… continue reading

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