VisoTech Expands on the Back of Intra-day

I wonder how many vendors can boast of having a customer up and running in 96 hours? That was one memorable take away from a call I had recently with VisoTech, who claim that they got one Scandinavian customer trading on their Periotheus autoTRADER platform, hosted in the cloud, in just 96-hours according to Johannes Püller, VisoTech founder, owner, and Head of Product Management. VisoTech is an Austrian vendor that has been around since 1999, when it was founded to specialize in process automation in energy. From there, it developed the leading gas scheduling software for Austria in 2002/3 and it then went into power scheduling software, progressively adding new modules until it had built a full-fledged ETRM solution. However, it has been the introduction of its autoTRADER software in 2015 that has catapulted the company into the pan-European limelight. The autoTRADER is a solution designed and built for intraday trading for power and gas (EPEX, Nord Pool, PEGAS etc.) that has apparently proven so popular, VisoTech now primarily focuses on this product, according to Mr. Püller. Mr. Püller sees VisoTech’s main strength as providing one integrated system with different functional areas to support the different aspects of intraday and… continue reading
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