Water, Water Everywhere but Not A Drop to Drink

This afternoon, I was catching up with one of our CTRM Thought Leaders – Jan van den Brom of Agiboo – when we got on to an interesting topic. The topic was the sheer diversity and number of CTRM solutions on the market – something over a hundred. You would think that buyers would be spoiled for choice with so many different products on the market right? Well, no, not really unless perhaps you want a power or oil ETRM anyway. Mr van den Brom made the observation that if you were looking for a specific commodity solution say like Cocoa or perhaps even metals, the choice was actually very narrow. I had to agree. If you head over to the Directory and start to narrow your search down to specific commodity like Cocoa or metals, you will find that 100+ vendors list pretty diminished. The problem is that most commodities outside of energy (and even some energy commodities) are pretty complex and pretty unique so, if you want a solution that really gets to grips with the complexity and specifics of say, Cocoa, your choices suddenly become very much narrower.  Of course, if you push out an RFP, a
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