What Happened to Commodities News?

If you are a frequent visitor to CTRMCenter then you will know that we like to post a daily article of our own in the blog section and a news story in the new section. A decade or so ago, getting a news story was pretty easy – you found something that seemed relevant and of general interest to our theme and cut and pasted it here along with the source of the content. Back then, the internet was quite the wild west and no one really minded you reposting their copy if the source was acknowledged and included – it was extra links for them and brought traffic. But over that time, things have changed. People get annoyed if you repost their content so it has gotten harder and harder to source good new stories in the commodities space. In fact, the only outlet that allowed it – subject to certain rules that we always followed – was Reuters – and that is where we source most news from in our news section. However, over the last few years, Reuters has become overtly political. It no longer seems to write a wide range of news stories about supply and… continue reading