What Is CTRM in the Cloud?

The hot trend for 2016 seems to be CTRM deployed in the cloud as ComTech predicted earlier this year. Almost every vendor in the space now has a cloud strategy of one sort or another and a very small number have begun to offer standard versions for a simple monthly fee. With many companies facing cost or regulatory pressures (or both), the idea of a lower total cost of ownership has become an attractive proposition that is rapidly changing attitudes to CTRM in the cloud according to our research. However, beware of what it says on the box because there are many misconceptions around cloud deployment of CTRM software that we have tried to address in the past. Firstly, what do we mean by cloud? Private cloud, public cloud? CTRM in the cloud can mean something as simple as using a tool like Cytrix to screen scrape and then deploying the solution in a private cloud. In fact, we refer to this as ‘hosted in the cloud’ for in reality this isn’t SaaS and it is barely cloud if we were to be strict. What is SaaS? Software as a service means that you pay for a standard set up
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