What Price Loyalty?

Every two years, we undertake the vendor perception study. In fact, we just released the last one. Personally, I find the result fascinating in many ways as there is so much to be gleaned about brand, perceptions and user behavior. Yesterday, I took some time to look at something we did not include in the report and that was how many respondents who have an installed vendor solution named their solution as the overall market leader. The result was interesting – around 30% did. Just in case you are not following, for those respondents that use a particular vendor solution as their CTRM, only around 1/3rd thought that system was provided by the market leader. What does this tell us? Well, the first thing we must remember is that the respondent probably played no role in the selection of the CTRM they use and likely feel no overt ownership of the decision to use it. Some will have swapped jobs a few times and experienced several different incumbent systems thus having a frame of reference to judge between them. Many will also feel that the solution their firm uses is suboptimal in the way that it supports them as that solution
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