What Will the Future Commodity Trader Look Like?

Automated trading in European intraday power and gas markets is just the tip of the iceberg. According to a CFTC report published last year, there have been substantial increases in automated trading across almost all commodities. However, beyond simply automation of trading is the use of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to actually decide when and what to trade. This too is on the rise as evidenced by the interest in solutions offered on the software market. To catch up with the latest trends, I often reach out to recruiters. I spoke with Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas Partners and James Richmond of MethodSearch – who better to know what the hot trends are than those tasked with hiring people to perform those activities? To get some feedback on the implications of this trend, I spoke with Tim Rogers of Contigo and Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory as well. I initially spoke with Carl Vellenoweth, MD Commoditas Partners and an ad hoc contributor to CTRMCenter, to get his views and he was very clear – “It’s all about data – there is more data, it’s cheaper and more accessible…” he told me. “Put another way, ten years ago, we hired traders… continue reading
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