When Not Exhibiting Starts the Rumor Mill: E-World Buzzes

Last week, both Patrick and I spend much of the week in Essen, Germany attending E-World. Last year, we gave it a miss and later heard all sorts of rumors suggesting our demise because of it. You see, if you are in European energy, you simply have to be there and all absences are duly noted. Notably absent this year was OpenLink. There were plenty of rumors and much gossip about this accentuated by the fact that half of their intended space remained unoccupied in Hall 3 – that is prime real estate! The decision to not exhibit must have been made relatively recently and much of the gossip centered around the press release late the week before regarding its intended acquisition by ION – a company for whom ‘marketing’ is apparently a dirty word. ComTech’s view was perhaps it was simply a cost cutting exercise designed to help valuation? Everyone else was there. We visited with Allegro, FIS, Contigo, Powel, Brady, Procom, Cubelogic, IP Systems/Navitasoft, KYOS, VisoTech, Beacon, Lacima, Kisters (IRM), CRisk, and EGSSIS, amongst others. With 7 halls and over 10,000 attendees, the scale of E-World is really rather staggering. I managed to clock up 12km and 11km… continue reading
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