Where is CTRM Headed?

This last 6-months or so, this is a question I have been asking myself. The interest levels in Blockchain are high and many trials are being conducted in the commodity trading area. Will blockchain replace CTRM? It’s early to answer that question but plainly, there are those who believe that it may. How many current vendors are working with Blockchain? I have to believe some are but I have seen little sign of it – please do let me know if you are working with Blockchain. Will CTRM become a low cost, cloud solution? The answer here is perhaps a little clearer. CTRM in the Cloud is taking off and out forthcoming Market Sizing report will both show that and make some growth rate predictions as well (next week this report should be launched). But what do we mean by cloud? Do we mean public, private, single tenanted, multi-tenanted? There remain challenges to deliver the all singing, all dancing CTRM solution never mind in the cloud in a multi-tenanted environment. While we talk about the future of CTRM, what about trading commodities? Will traders be phased out in favor of algos and robots? Will traders become more analysts and programmers
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