Who Do you Think is the Leader in CTRM?

Every two years we ask that question! We are asking it again at the moment and seek your input here. We publish the results as a free report available here and because we have been doing this for almost two decades – far longer than any of those pesky advertisements er sorry, publication awards – we can analyze the historical trends as well. You can download the last one for free right here. The VSP is also basically just an analysis of the valid responses – rather than being paid for via advertising or whatever.     We do value your input on this but we must also ensue the analysis is of the highest quality and so we do ask you to identify yourself towards the end of the survey. We do this to verify who you are so that we can eliminate vendor responses (yes – some do do that!), ensure that you are an end user or independent consultant and also so we can slice and dice the responses in meaningful ways. Your name and company remains anonymous and we will never use it for any other purpose than validation. If you complete the survey and do… continue reading
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