Why I Wouldn’t March For Science

A few days ago there was a bunch of hullaballoo about a march for Science. Apparently, Science is under attack and threatened by false news and so on. Well, a march for Science is the last thing science needs at this point. In fact, science just needs to be left to scientists and politicians and well meaning activists should leave it well alone. Science, for them, has become a political tool – a weapon. Science is no longer a philosophical approach to problem solving in which someone raises a hypothesis based on their observations of known facts and allows their peers to throw stones at it and poke holes in it. This process usually results in a modified theorum or a new theory altogether. And, what was scientific fact at some point becomes a failed theory at another point in time. Once the world was flat. Now we know its a slightly compressed globe (though some would like it to be flat). This philosophical approach to problem solving that we call science has worked quite well for us so far and can be credited with all manner of human progress. However, suddenly the politicians have gotten hold of science and
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